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Excels in aspects of:
Anal, Ass

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Rated: 85%

Useful Tidbits:

Picture Size: Varies enormously

Movies: 66+ Videos (approx. 33 min. each)
Formats: AVI (DivX), MPEG
Quality: High and Low (Selectable)

(Credit Card, Online Check)
$24.95 - 30 Days
$4.95 - 3 Days Trial

Updates: Regularly

Reviewed: April 28,2004- By: Nhunter (Click to contact through email with any question about this site, or any other review - Above all we are honest with replies on whether a site has such and such content)

Commuters, this is your daily traffic report. It appears that traffic down the hershey highway is pretty packed tonight. Even so, try to convince your girlfriends or wives to go down the hershey highway route. It might be packed, but you'll be glad you did! You know you love the hershey highway, we all do! Just don't forget to lube up your car, not every girl has been down this road before! And make sure you ask nicely first: girls don't like it when you turn onto the highway suddenly without asking first.

Asstraffic is a reality site with a focus on anal sex. And when I say focus on anal sex, they focus on it. There is other sex to be had here, but they do a really good keeping true to the theme and keeping their core audience (analites?) happy. The website promises a lot, so let's go into it with our expectations up high.

Asstraffic is designed like your typical reality site. On the main page, the newest series are listed with links to get to the older ones as well. The website in is pretty "busy" with lots of stuff going on all over it. This is well contained, though, and while it does look a little sloppy, you can find your way around pretty easily. One interesting thing they did was use icons to get to the movies, screenshots, and pictures sections. While at first I was a little confused, once I got the hang of it I liked it alot. Seeing an icon picture and clicking on it registers faster in my brain than looking for a text link or a thumbnail. Thats just me, but I found myself quite enjoying something I thought I would be bitching about in the review. Everything is thumbnailed great, with one larger thumbnail and three smaller ones per set. There is also a listing of the series with the highest user ratings on the right sidebar of the screen. So if you're looking to do a quick'n'dirty, you can grab the most liked stuff quickly! The only real flaw I can find is that they pimp their sister site All Internal a little too much. I wouldn't mind a little notice on the bottom but it's in a couple of places. Even then, it's not a huge deal and it doesn't affect the rating at all.

Getting to the good stuff: the videos! Well, I'm so excited about these I could shit. I gotta talk about the videos. The action on them looks professionally done, with awesome camerawork and angles. Perfect closeups! Lots of variation to be had here. These really come across as actual porn movies. Even better, they come across as really, really good porn movies. There is a focus on anal in the movies, as you would expect from the name. But there is also solo masturbation, oral, regular sex as well as a lot of DP. So it's not like {pop} right in her butt! I really cannot think of any complaints here as far as the action goes!

I usually talk about the technical aspects of the videos first, but they are so damn good I got excited! Anyway, you have options here on Asstraffic! You can stream them or download them! There are three qualities of MPGs available! These come in segmented form (8 segments per series) and there is also an option to download the full movie in high quality WMV format. You couldn't ask for more options. And at the high quality WMV format, these babies are DVD quality. So not only is the action on the videos like pro porn, the quality is like watching it on your home theatre system! Stunning. Each movie lasts over 20 minutes, and is just awesome. The movies are thumbnailled GREAT with one thumbnail per segment, so you can get a good idea of whats going on in both the segment and in the movie as a whole when you look at all the thumbnails. Wow.

So with all this awesomeness in videos, you'd think the pictures would suck the big one, right? Absolutely NOT! These pictures rate right up there with the videos as far as quality and content go. First of all, there are vidcaps AND still shots. So in addition to the movie action you can get some still shots of the girls you like too! Just more content for you! The vidcaps are absolutely awesome! THey are very clear and crisp! You can tell they are vidcaps, but they are still very good good vidcaps. The still shots are awesome! It's great to see your favorite anal model posing out for you. The photographer of these pictures should be working for one of the big skin mags, because the pictures are just taken well and just beautiful. I really think these are some of the best photos I've seen on the net, just awesome awesome awesome. The only real problem with the pictures I had was the full size pictures were a little too big (like picture size, not file size) for my liking, but that is easily adjustable and not a big deal at all!

I would like to refer back to my porn video comparisons for the purposes of describing the girls on the site. The girls here look like the high quality, beautiful looking porn actresses you see in the more "artsy" porn firms. The girls are great looking.. no doubt about that.. Looking for amateur girls? Look elsewhere, because these girls look like they are porn stars. They all have that aura to them for the most part. They also all have the "big tit, nice body" look to them. For those that like this type of girl, this will be absolute heaven!

As far as extras go, there are no bonus sites and no leased sites. However, there is a bonus video section which houses about 30 additional series that are not exclusive to Asstraffic but are offered in the same, awesome format! Something not to miss! There is also the ratings system I touched on before, which can be a fun little distraction. The content on Asstraffic is awesome too. The site updates DAILY! Every day, they add one segment of the current updated video. So every 9 days, you get a new series. There are about 25 of the excellent original asstraffic updates as of the time of this review. That will continue to grow with the great update system in place!


This site is just great. Top notch in every category! Every anal fan should have a membership here at asstraffic. And all of us non-analites should stare at them hard in jealousy, for our favorite fetish doesn't have a wonderfully built site as this one. This site goes beyond the anal theme, and is one that everyone should experience for the mindblowing quality, awesome updates, and just perfect balance of videos and pictures, and original and bonus movies.


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