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SilverStone Videos

Excels in aspects of:
Pornstars, Hardcore, Videos

silverstone videos
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Rated: 77%

Useful Tidbits:

99+ Galleries (avg. 20 pics each)

Movies: 570+ Videos (approx. 20 min. each)
Formats: MPEG, Real
Quality: High and Low (Selectable)

(Credit Card, Online Check)
$19.95 - 30 Days

Updates: Weekly

Reviewed: April 28,2009- By: Nhunter (Click to contact through email with any question about this site, or any other review - Above all we are honest with replies on whether a site has such and such content)

Sometimes people are a little scared to go into their local adult video store and rent or buy movies. Those that do go in have the five stages of porn-buying: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I swear, it's for a party! Whatever the reason, people sometimes just don't like to get porn in real life. Thankfully, with the little invention called the internet, you don't have to go out and get your stuff all the time. But every once in a while, you will get a hankering for a good ole porno video. Luckily, the folks at Silverstone Videos have given you a chance to do just that with their website. is a website focused on four publications of porn videos: Pick Up Lines, Peeping Tom, Pick Up Babes, and Latin Eye Candy. Despite the obviously named Latin site, the other three are just typical pornos with typical girls. You download scenes from the actual movies on here. Not every part of each series is available here, but there is a large chunk of each and the bang for your buck factor is high!

Silverstone Video is designed great. From the main page, you can find everything you could want easily. I'm sure most will head straight for the movies! But there is also some pictures from the movies, and some extras as well you might check out. The front page shows recent updates from the entire network, it's a very cool and easy way to keep on top of things and keep downloading like crazy.

The name of the site has video right in it, and it is definately a video focused site. And as a video focused site, Silverstone Videos does a very, very good job. You have a great number of selections as far as quality goes, from low quality to ultra high quality. The videos are available in both WMV and MPG formats, and are segmented into decent sized chunks. Most of the videos have three segments, with some having two and some with four. The file sizes are very managable. Basically, you have impeccible quality in the video selection department, this is the model other sites should use!

As far as the actual content, expect a professionally shot, edited, and produced porn extragavaganza in these videos. Not only is this professional porn, it's slightly overdone in my opinion. I think it's just a little too polished and great for my tastes, and yours may vary a little but it's just the way I feel. As far as the camera shots and angles, while professionally done they can still be kinda crappy. In this case, I think that they focused a little bit too much on the same thing over and over again. For example, the fellatio portion would last just a little too long for my tastes, etc.

The girls here are professional porn actresses, a lot of them look it. If you like that kind of look you will love this site. On the other hand, if you like the more natural look, you might have more of a problem enjoying Silverstone. Personally, I am split in this regard, and I found myself split over the number of videos I downloaded. I skipped over more than most people probably would, but I also checked out more than an amateur fan would. It's basically a mish mash of young, porny looking girls here. Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, they're all accounted for here in fine fashion.

The scenes are pretty much the same all the way through: into, into foreplay, into sex. Unlike some sites, there is a large amount of anal scenes here on Silverstone, which was kind of cool and refreshing to me since I haven't seen that in a while! As I said earlier, they do stick to certain things for a little too long for my tastes, but basically, if you've seen porn movies, you know what to expect.

The movies are all available commercially, of course. That drops the exclusiveness down a bit, however, I haven't seen any of these movies elsewhere on the net so that helps it out a bit. Many of the girls are popular from other series and videos, so you may see a familiar face or two. Or ten! Just don't go in expecting anything new or fresh and you won't be disappointed, and you may even be surprised.

There is also a pictures section on the site. These contain mostly vidcaps, but the vidcaps are REALLY well done and very good to look at and clear. They are also not OVERDONE with a million pictures, and each gallery is thumbnailled great and just looks awesome. Not much use for them here on a very video heavy site, but it's great that they took the time to have some killer pictures as well.

The one problem I encountered with Silverstone Videos is that their server wouldn't allow too many downloads from it. Therefore, us broadband users will find it harder and more time consuming to "horde" the videos. But we'll still do it, right? I could only really download two vids at a time. Not a big deal really. I also found the pages took a while to load, seems like there was a lot of stuff loading up all at once. It slowed things down a little, but once again, not a big deal but worth mentioning as a minor annoyance.

Silverstone Videos is already an awesome site. But how does DAILY updates sound? Good right? Well, the entire network is updated daily, with this site in particular being updated every 2-4 days. On top of that, there is already a ton of content for you to surf through and download on here as it is. You definately get the bang for your buck here, and there are the bonus sites of Peter North, Amy Lee, Christine Young, Hardcore Fiesta, Shelby Belle and Boys Casting. These each have an awesome amount of content and comparable quality and design factors. There is also a good amount of leased content to keep you busy as well.


Just an awesome site and an awesome deal. For fans of studio produced porn, this is an absolute no brainer. A few minor complaints, but basically you just get lots of great porn with little hassle here at Silverstone Video. This is my preferred Pornstar site for now.


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